Insurance Guidance


At Johnson Benefit Planning, we understand just how complicated staying up-to-date with the latest insurance benefits and plans can be for your business' HR department.

An ever shifting landscape requires having access to resources that make understanding the intimate details of changing insurance benefits a top priority, not something you try to review once a year when the time comes to renew a benefit plan.

We offer a range of detailed services that include:

Quote plans

Collecting and separating quotes from different insurance providers can be a complicated and exhausting practice without the right systems in place. Our team of insurance benefits experts can help your business identify which quotes and plans make the most sense for your business.

Plan comparison

Understanding what separates one benefits plan from another can come down to identifying small but vitally important differences. Without a trained eye, the finer details of a benefit plan can become easily lost, leading you to make a potentially costly mistake. Our team can help to clearly explain and identify the nuances of different plans so your business has the information needed to make the right decision.

Claims and billing assistance

Filing and tracking insurance claims and billing is easily one of the most tedious, yet important, parts of any employee benefits program. Our experienced team has the practices and procedures in place to help simplify and streamline this vital component of your benefits program.

Application submission

Filling out the endlessly complicated forms that are required to apply for a benefits programs is an unnecessary waste of your HR department's valuable time. Johnson Benefit Planning can help free up your time by taking care of this tedious process.

Negotiate renewal

The renewal process offers your company the opportunity to negotiate a more favorable rate for your continued business. However, without knowing what constitutes a competitive rate, your business will find itself at a disadvantage when trying to negotiate the best possible price. Our industry experts intimately understand the constantly evolving insurance marketplace, and can provide you with the insight and advice needed to get the best possible rate.