Employee Communication


Effective communication plays a key role in informing your employees about their benefit options.

At Johnson Benefit Planning, we offer our clients an extensive library of resources designed to help improve employee engagement, education, and efficiency.

Our list of services include:

Open Enrollment

A good open enrollment sets the stage for employee satisfaction throughout the year. Johnson Benefit Planning offers guidance and communication materials that help your HR department achieve a smooth open enrollment process.

Health and wellness information

A healthy employee is a more productive employee, and helping employees adopt and maintain healthier behaviors is the objective of any successful wellness program. From newsletters and pamphlets to online educational tools, we have the resources needed to help educate and inform your employees on how to achieve a healthier lifestyle.

Fitness programs

An active workforce offers improved productivity and fewer days missed due to illness or injury. Finding a way to creatively encourage increased activity and exercise in a busy workforce requires having access to innovative ideas that incorporate ways to add time to an already busy schedule. From tips on how to workout at their desk to smart ways of adding exercise to their day, we have the tools available to help improve your employee health. Our Live Well Work Well series can help employees stay on top of their healthy activities.

Employee newsletters and videos

Employee newsletters and informational videos remain a cornerstone of any successful internal communication strategy. Not only are these types of resources incredibly popular with employees, they also offer an easy way to keep your workforce informed, while also providing the tools and knowledge needed to boost productivity and employee satisfaction

These are just a few of the employee communication materials we have to offer. With over 9000 documents on hand, we have the resources to create a meaningful employee communication campaign.