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Bend Chamber of Commerce

Johnson Benefit Planning is a leader in Association Healthcare Plans. Our partnership with the Bend Chamber of Commerce has allowed thousands to access affordable healthcare at a lower cost than accessible in the open market. The Bend Chamber Association plans allow our members to band together in order to negotiate better benefits and rates. Association Healthcare Plans bring large group benefits to companies under 51 employees. Lower administration fees means lower cost to the end user. Johnson Benefit Planning developed and manages the Bend Chamber Health and Welfare Plan. If you would like a quote please click here for quoting instructions.

Employee Assistance Program (EAP)

Available to all employees of employers participating in the Bend Chamber Health Plan. This program is designed to provide employees and their family members an immediate, confidential source of support to help deal with the many different types of stress that we face in our lives. Under this program, members can access licensed therapists and counselors contracted with Canopy, formerly Cascade Centers. There is NO COST applied to the first 4 calls for each incident.

Bend Chamber of Commerce Health Plans


Zywave Client Cloud

Available to all employers enrolled in the Bend Chamber Health Plan. As a participant in this portal, you can easily navigate the complex world of compliance and risk management, stay informed when content and legislation is updated with alerts and notifications, and solve your business’s unique pain points with centralized tools such as an Employee Handbook Builder, Total Compensation Statement, and so much more.

Zywave Client Cloud Services & Costs - Enhanced

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